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Astrologer Susan Miller Names the Zodiac Sign That’s Going To Have the Best 2021.

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Susan Miller Shares Her Exclusive 2020 Forecast for Each Zodiac Sign

Her loving, optimistic style is what readers enjoy most about her work. Both versions of my app have my long, uncut monthly forecast, so at the very least you should download the free version of my app, as it is easier to read than on the Internet, and much easier to navigate. The first day I placed it on the Apple App Store 90, readers downloaded it. You should too! You are my loyal reader, so I can also send my article on the Grand Mutation directly to you via email several days before anyone sees it on my website or app if you join my newsletter.

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Uranus is about the future and all things modern and new. Saturn upholds the past and preserves it. It will start a valuable discussion for everyone to have in a post-pandemic world—what needs to be cherished and preserved for the future, and what needs to end and be innovated. By the end of , we will be in a stronger, improved condition after having made the decisions posed to us all, of every sign, by Uranus and Saturn.

When you read your December forecast, pay special attention to which part of your chart that Jupiter and Saturn will both enter. That area of life will be a main focus for you as you move forward into and beyond.

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What you achieve with Saturn you get to keep forever. Saturn also teaches that what you work the hardest for, sometimes sacrificing other things in life to grasp your goal, is what you ultimately are proudest to say you accomplished in life.

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  • There will be challenges because you will be entering a new realm where you will have lots to learn, but as an Aquarius, you love going through new experiences. You will get to choose your goals, for with astrology, you always have free will. If you have in your heart a big goal, this coming year, , will be the year to tackle it.

    A Note from Susan Miller — December - Susan Miller Astrology Zone

    I had Saturn precisely on my Sun to exact degree just as the Aquarian readers will have in when I started Astrology Zone exactly 25 years ago this month. The Internet was the wild west when I started, without rules or laws to protect new publishers. In the US, each state had their own set of rules governing the Internet, making it a crazy patchwork quilt that impeded the progress of the Internet—especially e-commerce—but that changed when the federal government took over the Internet and made my life—and all of ours—better! I have many stories about my experiences as a pioneer on the Internet, but I will save those for another time.

    One of my greatest challenges was the sudden difficulty with my eyes that came up suddenly and without warning in July. I find it an undisciplined way to write. Besides, my love for you, dear reader, got me now so close to a solution to my eyes! Now I am looking at a third eye operation as the doctors are helping me in small steps because my eyes needed time to heal in between each procedure.

    For the first time in four years, I am able to see my face in the mirror and the words on my iPhone and my computer screen in all their crystalline beauty. I was marveling at the beautiful shape of the words and the fonts. It made me remember why I love writing so much. All surgery is a risk, but I believe in living live life courageously. It took a lot of convincing of my four doctors to fix my terrible problem.

    At first, no doctor wanted to touch my eye, as I only have one good eye the other one is beyond hope, ravaged by a serious genetic problem I inherited with both eyes, despite treating both eyes every four weeks for 11 years. I must also give credit to my Catholic faith and to St. Lucy, patron saint of eyesight, who has stood by me through this frightening ordeal. I want to continue writing Astrology Zone, my apps, books, calendar, and international columns, and in the future, after all these surgeries, that will be very possible.

    Thank you for waiting for your December forecast.

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    I had finished the Astrological Calendar, and my editor, Edward Rubinstein, would need to call me to ask questions about some of the days I had written about, and sometimes asked me to compress the number of words and characters concerning several calendar dates before it went to Michelle Roque, our talented art director in Los Angeles. My artist is the same person I love and have been working with over the past few years, French artist Izak Zenou.

    Here is our cover, below. We go to press as soon as the last artwork from Izak is done! I have seen half the calendar, approved the pen and inks before the color was layered on, and I am breathless with excitement.